Early Stage Startup Starter Kit
Originally published: 10/07/2017 13:47
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Early Stage Startup Starter Kit

Includes sample Investor Powerpoint, Business Plan, Financial model and E-Book

This package is targeted at startups that are in the very early stages of their development.

It includes the key components needed for your start-up to get up to a good start. With samples, highly adaptable to your own company, I have outlined what to do in each component.

• Sample Microsoft PowerPoint investor presentation
This investor presentation details the required topics that must be focused on before commencing on drafting a Business Plan. An investor plan must be both compelling and simple to potential investors to be successful.

• A sample Business Plan
A business plan is a formal statement of a company’s objectives, reasons that they can be achieved and the process to reach that stage. It is essential as it outlines the organisations structure of the business and can be utilised as a management tool. Furthermore, a business plan is required by investors to raise capital so a well-crafted business plan is a significant factor in the success of a start-up.

• Sample Microsoft Excel financial model
This model details the expected financials investors expect to have been calculated in making projections. These financials would typically involve figures such as the operating costs and salaries.

• An e-book version of "Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?"
This e-book provides a comprehensive overview on the knowledge required to be successful as an entrepreneur. The methodology espoused by this book will provide a framework of the key considerations to consider when pursuing the chosen strategy to engage in for the business.

If you have any questions or feedback, either leave a note below in the discussion feed, or find me at @StartupPro on Twitter.

- Marty Zwilling

This Best Practice includes
1 powerpoint slide, 1 Word file, 1 Excel file, 1 e-book

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To provide you with the key components for your early-stage start up: investor presentations, business plans, financial model and e-book.

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