Restaurant Financial Excel Model
Originally published: 29/01/2018 07:54
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Restaurant Financial Excel Model

In this file I will show you how to calculate whether your business idea for a restaurant makes sense or not.

Opening restaurants is very demanding in terms of time and cash. That's why it is extremely important to model your business in Excel before you start executing on it.

In this file I will show you how to calculate whether your business idea for a restaurant makes sense or not. I have build here a business model for a chain of restaurants. We start with modeling a single restaurant and then I move on to model on the basis of this the whole chain and headquarters costs.

The voiceover for the model where I explain the whole logic of the model and the main KPIs it runs on can be found below the cover pictures on this page.

Modeling the restaurant in Excel is the crucial step in making sure that your idea for the restaurant is economically viable. More information on opening restaurant and gathering all the necessary data you can find in my presentation on the Slideshare:

You will find there many practical tips on how to find the data on the customer segment, locations you are considering and the concepts that you are trying to build. In this presentation you will get practical tips where you can find the data that you will need to complete the financial model for the restaurant.

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  • Mehtab hussain,CMA 311
    sir My name is mehtab husain and i am an accountant but i donot know how to accounting of multilocation restaurant with warehouse and how to maintain fixed assets of all restaurant please sent me which cost should expenses and which cost should consider fixed asset my email id
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