Accounts Receivable Dashboard Excel Template
Originally published: 22/06/2022 11:18
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Accounts Receivable Dashboard Excel Template

Accounts Receivable Dashboard: Tracking Key Metrics and Payments Effectiveness.

Accounts receivable dashboard provides you with a snapshot of all key AR metrics that your business needs to track. It keeps you updated about defaulting customers, cash stuck in different aging buckets, days sales outstanding (DSO), and collector effectiveness index (CEI).

Accounts receivable dashboard template that’ll help you stay on top of your invoices and accounts. Try out this Excel template to get a feel of how AR automation dashboards work.

An accounts receivable dashboard is a one-stop report that helps you track key AR metrics such as overdue receivables, cash at hand, days sales outstanding, and age of receivables. The use of visual elements such as pie charts, bar graphs, and line charts make AR dashboards visually appealing and easy to interpret.

Accounts Receivable Dashboard Template made in Excel or on spreadsheets can be used by individuals and companies without IT support and heavy investments. Accounts Receivable Dashboard is an Excel-based template and runs on all versions of Microsoft Excel 2010 and above.

The major KPIs/metrics covered in our free accounts receivable Excel template are:

Total sales made in a given time period.

The sum of the amounts unpaid in all open and partially paid accounts.
Overdue Receivables and percent overdue: The amount of receivables that is past the due dates, and its proportion to all credit sales.

Invoice and aging classification:
Bucket invoices into open, paid, and overdue categories. All open invoices further categorized into ‘not due’, ‘less than 30 days overdue’, ‘31 – 60’ days overdue, ‘61 -90’ days overdue, and past 90 days overdue.

Customer concentration:
Top five customers by sales and receivables.

Collectors’ shares:
Overdue amount and open invoices against each of your collectors/collection analysts

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