Platform Scaling Strategy
Originally published: 24/09/2021 09:36
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Platform Scaling Strategy

This presentation discusses the 2 Platform Scaling Strategies in all their complexities.

The phenomenal success of tech innovators using Platforms has spurred a desire in companies, from a greater variety of sectors and markets, to gain advantage of Product to Platform Transformation.

This Transformation is based on the need to model businesses on a Customer-Centric Design approach. The need has arisen because the concept of Economies of Scale has become archaic and has been taken over by Economies of Unscale. Each customer is now being offered customized products and solutions.

The phenomenal success, by the trailblazing tech innovators, was achieved partly by deploying Platform Scaling that enabled Business Transformation and monopolization of the market. Though, this monopolization and questionable use of the Platform, especially data generated therefrom, saw attempts to regulate these tech companies—making the decision to scale a complex one. Understanding the intricacies of Platform Scaling is thus critical to the development and deployment of any Platform Strategy.

This presentation discusses the 2 Platform Scaling Strategies in all their complexities:

1. Fast Scaling
2. Slow Scaling

Other topics discussed in the slide deck include 2 factors whose interplay influences the Scaling Strategies, the resulting 2x2 matrix developed using various permutations of the influencing factors, 3 types of positive feedback loops activated by Fast Scaling Strategy, and the 4 components of Slow Scaling Strategy.

The slide deck also includes some slide templates for you to use in your own business presentations.

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