Call Center Analysis
Originally published: 26/07/2021 10:58
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Call Center Analysis

Call Center Analysis Dashboard

This is Call Center Analysis Reports.

In this report, I have created the following KPIs.
1.Overall Calls/Overall Clients.
2.Overall Answered Calls
3.Overall Abandoned Calls
4.Issue Resolved Calls
5.Agent Performance Quadrant
6.Avg Speed of Answer
7.Not Issue Resolved Calls
8.Satisfied Calls
9.Call Answer %
10.Call Abandoned %
11.Not Satisfied Calls
12.Resolved Issue %
13.Not Resolved Issue %
14.Avg Call Duration Time.

In which the data source is an Excel file. First I have uploaded excel data into the Power BI file.
Then I did a little bit of transformation in the power query. Then created DAX measures for all above define KPIs. Then added background Images that I created in Adobe Xd . Then created visuals as shown in the attached images.

Modification if Needed :

If you want any modification in background images or visualization, you can connect with me through Eloquens or WhatsApp here is my WhatsApp number +92 3000945833.

Deliverable :
I will provide you Excel dataset file and a power bi file in which all KPIs and visualization are present.

You can use this report for learning purposes or entering into a competition or commercial use.
if you want to create any other domain reports then you can also let me know.
God Bless you.
Thanks and Regards
Muhammad Umair Shahid

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel file and on 1 power bi file .

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For learning and entering into a competition use.

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