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Financial Due Diligence Course - P&L

Financial Due Diligence & Financial Analysis course for Auditors aspiring to work in TS, Financial analysts, CFO, Business analysts, FP&A managers

What you’ll learn and get from this course?

1 - Understand how a Financial Due Diligence engagement is prepared and structured in the Big 4

2 - Understand the methodology of how to conduct thorough financial analysis and what is important in Financial Due Diligence in particular

3 - Have a comprehensive set of analysis that you can apply to each new company that you review, be it as a consultant or internal financial analyst.

4 - Get a complete analysis template to save you time and guide you in all your future engagements

5 - If you’re looking into a career in corporate finance / financial due diligence / private equity, you’ll get a solid foundation that will be a sure asset to land the type of job you’re after.

Areas covered in this course

Throughout the 70 videos included in this course you will learn about the purpose of due diligence and how big 4 accounting firms approach and structure a Financial Due Diligence engagement.

You will then learn a wide set of P&L financial analysis, starting with high-level trends and then breaking down Revenue, COGS, Opex and below EBITDA items.

You will also learn how to do a proper Quality of Earnings analysis and how to review budget and forecast prepared by Management.

The course is based on a full FDD excel template included in the material provided and each section of the course includes a video and written explanation about the subject covered.

For a complete overview of the cost structure, please refer to the detailed Curriculum below!

This Best Practice includes
About 70 Videos

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