One Pager | An Easy to Use, Working Model for Startups
Originally published: 30/11/2018 08:46
Publication number: ELQ-73124-1
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One Pager | An Easy to Use, Working Model for Startups

Fastest model for building a forecast for your startup.

Use this model to input everything you need to make an adjustable forecast for your business. Including
- Product revenues and margins
- Service revenues and margins
- Service attach rates
- Churn
- Tax and benefits
- Recruiting and onboarding costs
- Outsourcing costs
- Staff salaries, start dates and travel expenses
- IP attorney costs
- Legal event costs (e.g. fundraising)
- Additional costs - for you or your potential investors to add spending items to the forecast

No need for new equations or editing as the model includes areas to integrate all sales metrics and costs while measuring your burn, the amount of capital you need to reach your next goal, and how far each dollar will get you.

This model's ideal for entrepreneurs looking to develop financial budgets without the pain of building an entire proforma, and it also allows investors to change, add or remove assumptions of sales or spending, to better understand the financial impact of your business.

If you want an easy to use, quick to assemble, and simple to edit financial model for starting your business or even a new product, this was built for you. And if you have any questions, requests for additional features or otherwise, please shoot me a message over Eloquens or Linkedin!

This Best Practice includes
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Make financial forecasting easier for entrepreneurs.

Early stage start-ups

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