Acquisition Process: Detailled Overview, Timeline and Keys to Success
Originally published: 25/09/2019 12:40
Last version published: 16/12/2019 13:52
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Acquisition Process: Detailled Overview, Timeline and Keys to Success

BEST PRACTICE ACQUISITIONS: Details for each step and Tips for Success + Complimentary expert answer to Your Question

A presentation prepared by investment bankers to fellow advisors and business owners engaged in acquisition transaction. The document reveals in details the entire process of acquiring a company. It separates the process into seven phases, providing deep understanding, tips and indicative duration for each phase. The Key factors for success like valuation are explored into detail, including methodologies and other value components like effect of synergies, tax effect and the strategic important of the Buyer.

Apart from pure description and financial metrics a lot of psychology tips from experienced bankers is included, example: pay attention to specific details during management presentation, understand the logic of timing to predict the number or other buyers and much more.

Special focus is placed on the role of advisor for each step and throughout the process.

Suitable for business owners who consider acquiring a business to:
- Get an overall idea of the process
- Understand the details in each phase, what is important and why it is important
- Decide which strategy is most appropriate for the specific Company
- Understand the timeline and critical points
- Consider hiring an advisor and know what to expect from the M&A advisor
- Know the etiquette of the acquisition process

Suitable for M&A advisor to obtain knowledge from experienced investment bankers.

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This Best Practice includes
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Help Business Owners and Advisors in Company Buy Side Process

Understand the components, dynamics and etiquette of the company acquisition process, know the tips and tricks and make a strategy for success

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