Strong French CV and Cover Letter Templates (for Word and Pages)
Originally published: 06/01/2020 16:30
Last version published: 10/03/2020 09:26
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Strong French CV and Cover Letter Templates (for Word and Pages)

The best template of a creative French CV and cover letter that will get you noticed by employers.

This is a good example of a French CV that is interesting and sure to catch future employers attention. It has all the necessary information one needs to convey as well as showing that you have gone the extra mile and have good design skills. Remember: your CV is your personal branding, make it interesting and easy to work with!

It is completely customisable so you can edit in your own details with minimal effort. With this template, you can be proud of your accomplishments and also come across innovative and creative!

I have seen many CVs and used many different models myself, and through trial and error this is the version that gets the greatest reaction from the employers that I apply to.

It shows clearly who you are (make sure your picture is high quality), it has all the necessary information that you need, in order of importance, it is very readable and digestible, there is just the right amount of spaces so that it doesn't appear crowded, but also doesn't appear too empty and it is very pleasing to look at.

I have sent this most updated version of my CV to many employers, and found that my response rate has increased dramatically, compared to when I used more plain and boring classic style CVs in the past.

The cover letter provided is also of perfect length, and is written in a professional style. You simply need to replace the blanks with your own professional history.

Good luck and happy job hunting!

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