How to Build a Team
  • How to Build a Team
  • How to Build a Team
  • How to Build a Team
Originally published: 13/02/2018 10:32
Last version published: 02/03/2018 14:49
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How to Build a Team

Josh Turner shares his knowledge of how to build your team without seeing your income plummet.

Josh Turner offers his insight into the building of a team for your business, based on his personal experiences.

He suggests ways in which you can take your own business to the next level and how to assemble the right team around you in orer to do that. He discuesses ways in which you can analyse your business' current performance in order to identify when is the right time to grow and expand your team, while making sure that it remains financially viable. In doing so the video gives an insight into how to gradually build a team around you, whilst continuing to live within your means. Turner shares 2 potential means of justifying the growth of your team and how to fund this growth. The video suggests ways of tracking your company's growth and ensuring that its growth remains profitable.

This video is perfect for business owners wanting to build a team around them to drive their business forward and maintain financial growth.

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