Free Multi-purpose Excel Modelling Tool (Add-in)
Originally published: 05/03/2018 09:14
Last version published: 18/03/2018 17:37
Publication number: ELQ-21956-2
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Free Multi-purpose Excel Modelling Tool (Add-in)

Free Microsoft Excel modelling add-in containing a wide range of tools for navigation, formatting and excel modelling.

All the tools included in this free add-in are very simple and ready to use!
The Multi-purpose Excel Modelling Tool includes the following tools:

- Back To Upper Corner: Puts every sheet in the upper left-hand corner
- Search Sheet: Finds a sheet in the active workbook with its name

- Cell references: Converts all the cell references in the selected range to absolute, relative, column absolute or row absolute references
- Copy Multiple Sheets: Allows to copy a sheet multiple times at once
- List All Comments: Creates a new sheet to list all the comments in the active workbook
- Insert Checkboxes: Inserts one checkbox per cell in the selected range, with the value contained in the cell
- Insert Option Buttons: Inserts one option button per cell in the selected range, with the value contained in the cell
- Super Hide Sheets: Sets the selected sheets on a very hidden status (only visible in VBA)
- Hard Code Workbook: Copies every value in every sheet in hard coded values, in a copy of the original Excel file

- Zoom All Sheets: Puts every sheet in the upper left-hand corner and applies a custom zoom
- Center Across: Formats the selected cells to center text (equivalent to merging cells)
- Change Case: Formats the text in the selected cells to upper, lower or proper case
- Paste Column Width: Pastes the column width of the copied cell
- Copy Row Height: Copies the row height from a reference row and applies it for the selected cell
- Split Cell in Rows: Splits the selected cell, with any new line inside this cell being a separator

- Delete Empty Rows: Deletes all empty rows in the used range of the active sheet
- Find and Replace in Comments: Finds and replaces text for all the comments in the workbook
- Remove Hyperlinks: Removes the hyperlinks for the selected range or the active sheet

- Unhide Rows and Columns: Unhides all rows and columns of the active sheet
- Unhide All Sheets: Unhides all sheets in the current workbook
- Select Hard-coded: Selects all cells with hard-coded data in the current sheet
- Select External Links: Selects all cells with external links in the current sheet
- Show All Dependents: Shows all dependent cells for the cells in the selected range
- Show All Precedents: Shows all precedent cells for the cells in the selected range
- Find Errors: Colours all cells of the active sheet that contain errors
- Misspelled Cells: Colours all cells of the selected range that contain misspelled text
- Data Validation Errors: Colours all data validation cells in the active sheet which have an empty list

- Workbook Information: Shows the author, creation date and last save date of the active workbook
- Open in Containing Folder: Allows to open a file that is located in the same folder as the active workbook
- Obtain Filepath: Shows the filepath of the active workbook

Installation instructions:
1) Save the add-in file in the following folder (replace [USERNAME] by your profile name in Windows): "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns"
2) Open Excel and Go to File -> Excel Options -> Add-ins
3) In the "Manage" drop-down list, select Excel Add-ins and press Go
4) Go to "Browse" and navigate to the Add-in folder mentionned above and select the saved file

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1 Multi-purpose Excel Modelling Tool (Add-in)

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Further information

Provide a set of useful macros for Excel modelling, for beginners as well as expert modellers.

To ensure that the tool works well, please follow the installation instructions provided in the description above.

None, this tool would always be useful when working with Excel.

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