Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management Excel Model
Originally published: 04/07/2018 14:24
Publication number: ELQ-61848-1
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Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management Excel Model

A complete business invoicing system with product/service, customer and inventory management.

Customer invoicing and Inventory Management solution integrates customer invoicing with management of inventory levels, customer information and product details. The portable nature of the invoicing and inventory management system provides an optimal solution for mobile sales force invoicing requirements. Relationships between products, customers and invoicing provide powerful reporting capabilities and integration with back end CRM and inventory management systems.

Customer invoicing and Inventory Management combines customer and product/service information management with sales invoicing as a complete invoicing and inventory management system. The solution is self-contained and portable with the ability to export and export data to and from existing in-house systems. Flexibility of the system allows customer and product details to be updated independently or as orders are made and sales invoices are generated. Product inventory levels are automatically updated as invoices are created. Referential integrity between customers, products and orders allows advanced sales reporting to be quickly generated for analyzing profitability, amounts due and performance by customer and product lines. Additional advanced options allow customizing the invoicing and inventory management system to specific business dynamics and pre-define content to accelerate quotation and invoicing processes.

The Excel invoicing functions on both Windows and Mac versions of Excel suitable as a portable sales invoicing solution for multiple remote representatives within the same organization.

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