Depreciation Calculator - Straight Line and Declining Balance
Originally published: 07/10/2020 12:49
Publication number: ELQ-92091-1
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Depreciation Calculator - Straight Line and Declining Balance

Depreciation Calculator - Straight Line and Declining Balance

This model allows the user to calculate depreciation using either the straight line or declining balance method over a 20 year period.
It is flexible enough to allow the user to choose the number of months depreciated in the first year of purchase and to also change the declining balance rate by whatever factor is required. This means you can have the standard declining rate of one, or double declining (x2), or even triple declining (x3).
For the straight line method, months charged in the first year of purchase can also be altered.
The model also gives the asset balance both for the asset year (e.g. assets bought in 2020) and assets at a point in time (e.g. the assets balance of all assets bought up until 2022).
The model consists of three tables. These are: 1. The depreciation calculation table. 2. The asset balance table and 3. and check table (the latter one remains hidden).
In column Z, you can see the total depreciation made (table 1) for each years assets.
For each table, there is also a sub-total for the depreciation charge for each year and also the current asset value in table 2. These can be used to for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet entries.

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