Page Industries India (JOCKEY) Complete Fundamental Analysis
Originally published: 28/04/2020 08:39
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Page Industries India (JOCKEY) Complete Fundamental Analysis

A complete Fundamental Analysis Excel model for Page Industries India (JOCKEY) Shares.

Page Industries operates its two flagship licensed brands named Jockey and Speedo. The Jockey brand (USA) is the market leader in the premium innerwear category and focused on high-quality products. It is the first innerwear brand to set up Exclusive Brand Stores.

Page Industries is the sole licensee for the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the UK based SPEEDO brand in India. Speedo products include Swimwear, Equipment, Water shorts, Apparel and Footwear. The introduction of high-quality products and large distribution network has created a paradigm shift in the way consumers perceive innerwear in India. Page industries were able to transform the Indian market with its Jockey brand.

The company has 1.78+ Million Sq. Ft of production facility across 13 factories out of which 9 are based in Bangalore. They have a total of 18500+ employees engaged in the manufacturing process. With this, they have achieved the economies of scale and have become the largest player in the premium innerwear category. The Jockey and Speedo brands also enjoy the Top of the Mind recall amongst the youth population in India. Such scale and brand awareness are very hard to imitate.

The Model covers all the major fundamental aspects of Page Industries over the ten year period. The model is easy to edit and update for the future years as well. It includes:
1. Growth Ratios
2. Profitability Ratios
3. Cash Flow Ratios
4. Liquidity and Solvency Ratios
5. Efficiency Ratios
6. Valuation Ratios
7. ROE (Du Pont Analysis)
8. Common Size analysis
9. Enterprise Valuation
10. Financial Strength Analysis

Further Qualitative analysis is also done considering these factors and ratings have been assigned. The complete detailed analysis is in the word document along with the Excel model.

This Best Practice includes
1 Microsoft Excel Model +1 Microsoft Word Document

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The aim is to provide a thorough outlook into the company's financial position. This will help the students in projects and learning fundamental analysis. This can also be used by Investors who are looking to do their own due diligence before investing in the Indian Stock Markets.

Equity Research, Fundamental Analysis, Valuation, Long Term Investing

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