BXL Table of Contents Creator/Manager Add-in
Originally published: 09/05/2022 09:42
Publication number: ELQ-23982-1
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BXL Table of Contents Creator/Manager Add-in

Effortlessly add the table of contents gold standard to any Excel project.

A good table of contents is a professional expectation. Adding them can be time consuming, tedious, and error prone. Keeping them updated can be a burden. And when we are finished, is all we have is a nice way to move from worksheet to worksheet? We can do better. Our table of contents can catalog all of our project's components. It can outline them so we know what belongs to what. And our table of contents can also be a great documentation source.

Automatically catalog all worksheets, named ranges, charts, pivots and tables in one place.

Automatically add links to all catalog entries so we can go to them quickly and easily, and click any worksheet's A1 cell to return.

Automatically gather documentation from worksheet titles and properties, chart titles, pivot tables, table titles and comments, name comments, cell labels, cell comments, and cell input messages.

Rebuild the table of contents as often as needed and never lose any changes we make manually to the table of contents.

Add titles to charts, worksheets, and tables, or comments to names, cells and tables from what we manually enter in our table of contents.

Review user's guide: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uqfpspenhy49dbm/BXL%20TOC.pdf?dl=0

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