CFO Dashboard - Financial Dashboard Template
Originally published: 08/11/2021 09:31
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CFO Dashboard - Financial Dashboard Template

CFO Dashboard - dynamic, flexible and easy-to-edit excel dashboard

CFO Dashboard is an Excel Template that will help you properly organize major financial indicators in single view and present the most important financial information to your team in a simple and beautiful way. The major responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) are to improve the financial health of an organization including compliant reporting, liquidity, and return on investment.

The objective of the CFO Dashboard is to give CFOs at-a-glance clear picture into financial performance across the organization. The CFO is responsible for every aspect of finance from profitability, cash flow, leverage, working capital, and financing. To gain a wider vision, the CFO needs to embrace the power of digital data with the right tools like a professionally designed CFO Dashboard.

CFO Dashboard helps to enhance the strategical as well as analytical efforts related to major financial aspects of your organization. Major KPIs and metrics covered in CFO Dashboard template:

Revenue: top line of the business with target achievement and growth over the last period
Gross profit: product contribution to the business to cover operating expense and finance cost
Operating profit: earnings before tax and interest - what’s left from the revenue after paying the cost of goods sold and operational cost.
Net profit: residual amount after paying operating cost and finance cost for the shareholders
Cash flow components: the cash flow of the organization impacted by operating, financing, and investing activities
Working capital components: days receivable outstanding, receivable aging, days inventory outstanding, inventory trend, days payable outstanding, and payable aging.
Key balance sheet indicators: current ratio, quick ratio, and debt-equity ratio.

Key Features of Dashboard Template:

Provides key business insights for CFO segregated into Income Statement, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet
Fully editable, easy to use, template with sample data
Eye-catching design and customizable
Change the sample data with your data
Spreadsheets ready for printing without Biz Infograph logo
Consolidate key financial performance indicators in one dashboard
No monthly fees
Immediate download
No VBA, no Macro
No installation necessary
Professionally designed

What is included in this dashboard template?

Just plug your data, the rest dashboard will be ready instantly and start using.
A text file which contains a password to view and edit the formula
A guide to unlocking all the elements in the dashboard

Professional Support:

Video tutorial guide on how to navigate and use CFO Dashboard Template
Professional service to customize dashboard template in excel as per business need
Help and support in post-purchase
Payment secured by Stripe and PayPal (no PayPal account needed)

A brief guide to using the dashboard template:

Open the dashboard template
Go to ‘Indicators’ menu – choose the start month of the fiscal year (i.e. Jan, Feb, Jul, etc.)
Go to the ‘Enter Data’ menu – remove the sample data and give your actual data in the respective cells. Formula cells are locked, and you cannot edit it without a password.
Go to the ‘Monthly Dashboard’ menu – select the month name from the drop-down to see the monthly picture of performance indicators
Go to ‘YTD Dashboard’ menu - select month name from the drop-down to see the year-to-date picture of performance indicators
Each page is ready for printing – just press CTRL+P
This Excel dashboard template is password-protected to avoid mistakes, such as accidentally deleting formulas. When you completed the purchase, the password will be available.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel file, 1 word file

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