Porter's 5 Forces Excel Model

Porter's 5 Forces Model in Microsoft Excel to analyse any Industry.

What is "Porter 5 Forces Model" and how can it be used?

Before any kind of investment in the share market it becomes necessary for us to analyse the Industry.
For industry analyses we have a model called “Porter's 5 Forces Model". This model basically works on 5 key parameters which should be considered before any kind of investment.

Remember investment always does not mean Equity, it can be Debt or you want to start your own business also.

So these are those 5 key parameters:

1) Threats of New Entrants
2) Bargaining Power of Buyers
3) Bargaining Power of Suppliers
4) Threats of Substitute
5) Rivalry among Existing Customers

I have prepared this model considering some Questionnaire which are the base of porter's 5 forces model.

How to Use?
You have to just put 1 if you think that the statement is true and 0 if you think the statement is false on which industry you have applied porter 5 forces.

When you put 0 or 1 each segment will change color as per the strength of that segment i.e if Threat of new entrants exist in the industry the color of that segment will change from green to red and so on.

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