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Instagram Growth & Referral Marketing

If you are looking to grow your follower count, increase engagement, and better leverage your Instagram account, this ma

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We go into detail on how to grow your Instagram account using a number of tactics that include partnerships marketing, collaborations, influencer marketing, giveaways, and incentivized actions.

The content taught in this course is build off the back of 4+ real case studies that use these marketing tactics to 2-3x your followers from a single giveaway campaign.

We share the exact brands and campaigns used to achieve this.

OUTCOME - This course is designed to give you all the skills, examples, and resources to grow your Instagram following, build an audience/following to help grow your business. Once you have an audience, you can then start to monetize and scale.

The course will show examples of how brands have done this. You will be able to see how this works for early-stage brands and large established brands.

TEACHER - Jack Paxton, Founder of TopGrowthMarketing.com and Co-Founder of vyper.io and hyax.com.

Jack helps companies scale using ads. Since 2011 he’s started an ad agency and accumulated $195 million plus in profitable ad spend across large and small. These techniques covered can be used not only for paid marketing but also for organic.

FEATURED - Foundr Magazine, A Better Lemonade Stand, Social Media Examiner, Shopify & more marketing publications.

This Best Practice includes
14 video training sessions

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