Annual Income & Expense Tracker with Cash Flow Statement
Originally published: 25/11/2020 08:36
Publication number: ELQ-91946-1
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Annual Income & Expense Tracker with Cash Flow Statement

An awesome "Income & Expense Tracker" with a Cash Flow Statement for individuals and small businesses.

This is an awesome "Income & Expense Tracker" with a Cash Flow Statement for individuals and small businesses looking to record and manage their finances with flexibility and precision. The model has the ability to change current month and so change Forecast months in to Actual months. It's a particularly powerful spreadsheet in terms of the flexibility and analysis that it offers. It requires the user to simply input/ update the yellow "Input" cells, and view beautiful graphs and analysis automatically. It has an Inputs tab, an Analysis tab, and dedicated tabs for each month of the year. You can start "your year" whenever you like and you can work with ANY CURRENCY you wish. The Spreadsheet has been PROTECTED so that no formulae are edited in error. You can easily UNPROTECT it by going to the Review tab in Excel and choosing "UNPROTECT". No password is needed for this.

Moreover, I am happy to provide any support if needed. You can contact me on here and I would be happy to arrange a quick call so we can connect!

Photos of two instruction pages included in Product Photos; sent as a PDF file and form part of the Spreadsheet well.

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Further information

To forecast and record actual income and expenses for 1 full year. To view trends in income and expenses.

This spreadsheet has been created using the latest version of Microsoft Excel. It should however be compatible with older versions. Moreover, it should work on a MAC if using Microsoft Excel. Minor loss in functionality may occur. Please contact me in case you have any issues.

Not meant for resale.


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