Corporate Excel Dashboard Model
Originally published: 30/04/2020 12:23
Publication number: ELQ-11992-1
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Corporate Excel Dashboard Model

This is a ready-to-use Key Performance Indicator Dashboard for a corporation.

This is a ready-to-use Key Performance Indicator Dashboard for a corporation. It shows the key metrics at a high-level for users to track and record the successes and failings of their organisation in specific terms, sorted by region.

The data that is entered is presented in a very aesthetically pleasing manner, whilst data entry is made easy due to the clear formatting and logically laid out tabs.

The key metrics that are included in this tool are as follows:

- Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT)
- Revenue
- Expenses
- FTEs
- Leave Balances
- Expenditure by department
- Control Issues
- Gender Equality
- Hires v Terminations
- Sales Quality CY v PY
- Sales Growth vs. Profit
- Overtime Hours

It covers areas including HR, Projects, Operations, Finance, and expenses more generally of an organisation.

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Should give people a starting point when preparing a financial model. If people copy the structure and layout of the model they should be in a healthy place.

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