PowerBI Financial data for learning and growth mindset.
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PowerBI Financial data for learning and growth mindset.

Use the files provided to create your own dashboards in PowerBI and learn for free. Take advantage today.

This is purely a learning and development opportunity with PowerBI and Excel using the DataDear Add-in. Using this you can also simply connect to any Xero or QBO file and you have a ready out of the box reporting tool.

The visualisations are pretty ordinary to be honest, if you want free feedback onb your updated PowerBI visualisation send it to us and we will give you free feedback.

Send me your outputs to info@modelcitizn.com

The purpose of this is to also introduce you to the powerful tool of DataDear. This allows cloud accountant data to be pulled and pushed back into Excel and from Excel.

Despite the advancements of apps, Excel is still the most use app on the planet but few are aware of the Add-ins that are available in this space which can be hugely efficient for management reporting (especially now via PowerBI).

Simply connect and refresh the Excel data and the PowerBI file all with no code and no copy and pasting required at all.

This is truly a great way to learn how to use PowerBI with dummy financial data coming from a cloud accounting system as advanced as Xero and QBO.

If you are looking to really gear change your career in finance and accounting download and play.

This Best Practice includes
1. Excel 2. PDF outputs 3. PowerBI file

Acquire business license for $35.00

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Further information

To use PowerBI really bascially with an Excel file that can be connected live to Xero or QBO via the DataDear Add-In

For learning and entering into a competition or commercial use.

For resale to anyone else.


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