Hotel Development Project Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 24/09/2019 09:55
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Hotel Development Project Excel Financial Model

Excel financial modeling template for a Hotel Development business plan, using the DCF method approach.

This model is for educational purposes. You can edit it for your own plan but you must first read the guide to edit my template.

Indicators for the business plan included are: Net Present Value, Internal Rates of Return, Average Projection Break Event Point, Pay Back Period, Discounted Pay Back Period and PI on feasibility tab.

Hotel Operation Ratio, Financial Ratio on Ratio Tab and Sensitivity Analysis on sensitivity tab.

About this model:

This financial model is for learning purposes, and not for a profit business purpose. As the creator I do not take responsibility about misjudgment assumptions.

Cases in which the Model can be used:
1. Project financing for hotel development
2. Discount factor use investment loan interest, not use WACC formula
3. Hotel development will be completed at 2020
4. Hotel operations will start at 2021
5. Growth price and cost is 5% each year
6. Use Indonesia currency and interest rate

How to edit the template?
1. You cannot edit the Excel formula in cell
2. You must input manually the value or number (hard code) in the cell fill with green colour, but don’t edit or delete formula that contain words that refer to another cell
3. You do not delete row or column, if you delete, it will result in error
4. You do not cut row, column or cell, if you delete, it will result in error
5. You can copy cell
6. You can insert rows or columns but beware remember about the equation type function, (sum or only +) and formula range
7. You may edit cells that I mark with red font according your business plan

This template is latest version available.

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF File and 1 Spreadsheet Excel Template

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