Management Consulting Slide Templates
Originally published: 18/01/2020 07:25
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Management Consulting Slide Templates

Lengthy set of slides covering various aspects of a typical consulting presentation, along with the excel source file.

These slides can be used to build out a complete management / strategy consulting presentation for delivery to clients. With more than 60 total slides (including over 30 filled-out examples), there are more than enough templates to select from when building out the final presentation. Developed by a private equity professional who has conducted pro-bono consulting work (as well as spent many hours working alongside top consultants), these slides will enable the creation of a comprehensive, high-caliber presentation.

This management consulting presentation comes with 3 title slides, 14 agenda slides, 3 master slide templates, 4 project overview slides, 17 quantitative slides, 8 qualitative slides, and 3 concluding / finishing slides. The quantitative slides are split into historical trends (which cover multi-year track records and data flows), and one-year metrics (which focus on the current state of affairs of a specific company, business, industry, or competitors). The qualitative slides are comprised of various 2-by-2 matrices, issue trees, PEST analyses, and more. The concluding slides are ideal for making final summaries and / or recommendations to the client, along with contact information so they can reach out if necessary.

This set of slide templates is ideal for the individual looking for inspiration and a format to use when building their own presentation. The excel file backup is extremely helpful in allowing the individual to replicate the slide with their own relevant data and information.

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To help consultants make quality consulting presentations for their clients.

Works best for consulting, but can be helpful for non-consulting presentations as well.

Does not work well for presentations that do not use slides.

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