Productivity VBA tool - Automation of year on year movement computation for multiple periods
Originally published: 30/08/2019 21:27
Last version published: 02/02/2020 21:53
Publication number: ELQ-94377-7
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Productivity VBA tool - Automation of year on year movement computation for multiple periods

A VBA Macro for automatic year on year movements and automatic formatting.

This vba macro will allow you to save time on a simple but time consuming task: building movements between periods in your excel sheet.
The macro asks the user to select the range containing the figures for which he wants movements vs. previous period built.
Please note that this script is intended to work in the condition that columns containing the figures are all adjacents, and movements are calculated assuming older to newer period are aligned from left to right.
This is a more sophisticated version of a basic tool I also have listed on Eloquens. This version will automatically take care of the formatting and also allow the user to add movements in %. If you'd like to give the free version a go, please go on my mainpage and simply download it. If you are happy with the basic version, please feel free to support the time spent to develop this tool by downloading the complete version for a couple dollars only. If you have already paid for the basic version, please feel free to reach out and i'll provide a coupon to pay only the difference.
This tool will result in a humongous gain in productivity for any consultant working regularly with financials and for which year on year / month on month movements are a key indicator to look at and to show.
Please have a look at the video I have recorded and attached to see how the tool works. (pending upload)
Please note that I have willingly left the code unprotected to allow you to personalise the formatting (and / or build around that base if you feel like it)
Happy coding :)

This Best Practice includes
2 VBA file, 1 Excel file (also including the VBA code)

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Gain in productivity by automating year on year movement. More time to focus on the important things and analyses.

Have numbers in adjacents columns and sorted out from oldest to newest , left to right

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