Multi-family Real Estate Excel Model (Simple & Effective)
Originally published: 08/10/2018 08:13
Last version published: 01/10/2019 20:45
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Multi-family Real Estate Excel Model (Simple & Effective)

Simple & Effective Multi-Family Real Estate Model to carry out a quick analysis

As a Commercial Real Estate Analyst & Broker, I've been involved on plenty of deals and have performed extensive deal analysis.

Over the years I've developed financial models that allow me to screen a deal quickly, or go in depth if I need to, in an efficient and effective manner. This tool will allow you to quickly decide if the multi-family investment has potential or not.

This tool includes:

-Intuitive Assumptions that are Easy to Edit

-A Simple, Yet Professional Real Estate Financial Analysis with Pro-Forma

-A Fully Responsive Real Estate Model that can be used in Multiple Deals

-A Fully Responsive Amortization Table for your Loan Projections

-Net Present Value (NPV) and Discounted Cash Flow Value (DCF) Analysis

-An in-depth IRR Analysis that describes your Property Level Returns

-Equity Multiple, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), and Debt Yield Analysis

-Vacancy Assumptions / Projections

-Rent & Sale Price Analysis

-Implied Going-in Cap Rate & Exit Cap Rate

-Clean and Aesthetic Design

I take pride in the quality of my work, I have no doubt that you'll be pleased with this model.

This tool excels at providing a base line analysis when examining a Multi-family deal, however, this tool will not be optimal for more complex transactions such as a Development Project, an Office property, or a Retail property.

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Further information

Quickly Analyze a Real Estate Deal.

A Simple Multi-Family Property Analysis

Complex Multi-family Transactions that require Rent Roll Analysis, Office Property Transactions, Retail Property Transactions, or Development Projects.

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