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Employees - From Your First Hire to Building a Human Resource System

This course walks you through hiring your very first employee, all the way through to building a human resource system.

This course walks the learner through all the steps from hiring the first employee to building a human resource system to effectively build your team. Due to the increasingly challenging legal environment that business owners face, building an effective human resource system is something that needs attention sooner rather than later in the life of a venture.

A human resource system is intertwined with the culture of the business. Entrepreneurs begin to establish the culture of their business from the very beginning. This should be an intentional process based on the values of the entrepreneur, rather than something that just “happens”. A human resource system should both reflect the culture of the business and help to sustain the culture as the business grows.

A human resource system provides consistency in the hiring and onboarding process. Job analysis provides understanding and documentation of what your employees actually do in their jobs. The job analysis then serves as the foundation for job descriptions, which in turn are the foundation for the hiring process.

The hiring process should reflect the job description and should be guided by an employee handbook. The employee handbook is a living document and will evolve as the business grows. During hiring there are specific legal do’s and don’ts that every business must follow. In addition to the interview, an employer may choose to use personality testing to assess fit within the culture of the business. Once hired, an intentional onboarding process ensures a smooth transition for new employees.

This course also provides guidance on reviewing employee performance, addressing underperforming employees, and firing employees who are not able to meet the standards and demands of the job.

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