Social Media Metrics Excel Dashboard
Originally published: 22/02/2017 14:11
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Social Media Metrics Excel Dashboard

An excel template for employees to understand the performance of social media channels for their organisation.

The social media metrics dashboard is useful for the employees of your organisation, tasked with managing your proprietary (owned) social media channels, to better comprehend the overall performance of owned social media channels.

Though it looks great to have a lot of followers, there is a wide variety of metrics that are important but are hard to look through, given their large numbers.

As per my previous experience working alongside individuals managing their company’s social media channels, I have decided to develop the following free social media metrics dashboard.

It is a small, neat MS Excel sheet that can serve anyone in the firm.

It will allow you to visualize the trends across all your social media channels.

How to use the Social Media Metrics dashboard:

My dashboard groups a set of metrics, across different channels, into four categories:
1. Activity
2. Interaction
3. Reach
4. Subscribers

Based on the four categories, we use KPIs such as:
1. Conversation Relevance
2. Avg. Reach per Activity
3. Subscriber Interaction

What drives the social media metrics dashboard is the “Data Input” tab. Here, you can input numbers for each metric you wish to measure. Unlike many social media reporting templates, this one isn’t grouped per channel, but rather per

1) Activity
2) Interaction
3) Reach
4) Subscribers.

There also exists the heartbeat tab. It tells your team about their performance. If it is properly completed, the heartbeat tab will report on the KPIs, which are 1) Conversation Relevance
2) Avg. Reach per Activity
3) Subscriber Interaction

Before you get started, you will find a methodology below which explains each of the categories and KPIs. Additionally, the online methodology includes 3 key FAQs that are the following:

How do I analyse and read the dashboard?
Where do I find the metrics?
What if I want to measure other social media channels such as Instagram?

- Joakim Nilsson

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