Analytics Software Platform Pro Forma Excel Model

Detailed excel model for analytics software and service platform, including debt schedules and exit valuation

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The model is built for a software and/or software+service business looking for fundraising. It includes the basic 3 financial statements, as well as detailed tabs on the cost of licenses, working revenue forecasting, exit values, and debt planning.

This Excel SaaS Model has 10 Tabs:
- Potential Exit Values
- Projected Operating Expenses
- Projected Balance Sheet Ratios
- Licenses Sold
- Projected Support Costs
- Projected Income Statement
- Actual and Projected Balance Sheet
- Cash Flow Statement
- Projected Debt Schedules
- Projected Debt Schedules (Seller Debt) FY

This business tool includes
1 Excel Model

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The tool can be used to forecast future growth, justify equity valuations, and test the impact of debt on the business.



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  • Megha Bhalla
    I believe net income is not used in balance sheet(it was used in your excel model). Only retained earnings have to be used. Can you confirm?
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