Marketplace Financial Excel Model
Originally published: 03/09/2017 11:38
Last version published: 10/05/2021 20:24
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Marketplace Financial Excel Model

An Excel startup financial model template in a marketplace business model. For valuation and forecasting.

In this Excel you will find a startup financial excel model template for marketplaces (2-sided market) which you can use to see whether the business you are planning makes sense or not. You can use it for valuation and forecasting. Great tool for Marketplace startups!

Objectives is for you to build your Financial and Business modeling.
We have added also 3 additional models for marketplaces that can help you with different assignments.
1. There will be a model for a firm that has a marketplace and e-commerce
2. We have also added a model of a marketplace that offers additional SaaS tool to its partners
3. We have also created a model for a fashion marketplace for second-hand clothes and shoes. We have assumed in the model that part of the buyers will also become sellers. In the model, we have modeled not only the profit and loss account but also working capital, CAPEX, debt, and cash flow. Thanks to the model you can check what amount of cash and debt you will need to make it work.
Those models will help you recreate your business in Excel and create a business plan if needed.
In models, we have put in blue parameters that you can change to adjust the model to your needs.
Enjoy the models!

This Best Practice includes
4 Excel Files - models

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  • Wyn Davies
    Where is the cash flow analysis? I didn't see any valuation analysis. My only comment is that the valuation of this model is zero.
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