Two-Step Cluster Analysis in SPSS
Originally published: 26/01/2018 13:27
Publication number: ELQ-83900-1
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Two-Step Cluster Analysis in SPSS

How to do a Two-Step Cluster Analysis in SPSS. Useful for data mining or quantitative analysis projects.

In this video, you will be shown how to play around with cluster analysis in SPSS. Cluster Analysis is really useful if you want to, for example, create profiles of people. The good kind of profiling. For example you can see if your employees are naturally clustered around a set of variables. For example do I have highly educated employees who are married and have been on the job for a long time? Or divorced, on the job a long time, who have a lot of education? And various other clusters. There is a way to explore this in SPSS.

This is a handy tutorial if you're conducting a Data Mining or a Quantitative Analysis project. James Gaskin uses a screen-sharing method here to show each step clearly.

Length: 11 minutes 41 seconds

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