Inventory and COGS Excel Spreadsheet
Originally published: 02/02/2018 14:31
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Inventory and COGS Excel Spreadsheet

Created for the purpose of tracking your Amazon Inventory purchases and Cost of Goods Sold.

This spreadsheet was originally built by Amazon seller, Second Half Dreams to keep track of inventory purchases and cogs, however it can be used for other selling purposes outside of Amazon and adapted for use.

Before you begin to use, you should keep the following things in mind:

-Basic Excel knowledge required.

-This spreadsheet has been mainly created for those who do not have the amount of sales or volume to subscribe to Inventory Lab or other Inventory tracking software. You will find that at a certain point you will outgrow this spreadsheet.

-This sheet will not track your income and expenses.

For the spreadsheet:

Monthly tabs are included. For each month you can add what
what you bought and what you sold. If you bought an item in February it should go in the February tab. If you sold something in February, it should also go in the February tab.

You'll find your purchases in your store receipts.

Two separate lists have been created for inventory bought and inventory sold. This is because a combined lists stops working out when you're in your second month of selling.

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