Powerful and Customizable Debt Module Excel Model
Originally published: 20/02/2018 09:15
Last version published: 01/06/2018 13:39
Publication number: ELQ-17758-2
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Powerful and Customizable Debt Module Excel Model

Powerful, highly customization and free debt calculations module.

This module allows calculating a schedule of principal and interest payments with high customization:

- annuity, amortization or custom debt repayment scheme
- monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual payment schedule
- maturity and interest rate settings
- support of grace periods for interest and principal payments
- customizable timeline grid - monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual
- upfront fee
- auto check for errors

This module could be used as a separate tool for debt planning or integrated into financial models.

This Best Practice includes
One Excel model

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  • Alfred R.Hakim(last updated: 25/02/2020 19:04)
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  • Gleb Cohen(last updated: 17/04/2018 17:54)
    Excellent financial model
    This is an Excellent Debt Module Financial Model. Strongly recommended.


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