Multi Sports Complex Financial Model - Dynamic 10 Year Forecast
Originally published: 24/01/2023 09:32
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Multi Sports Complex Financial Model - Dynamic 10 Year Forecast

Financial Model presenting a development and operating scenario of an Indoor Multi Sports Complex.

Financial Model presenting a development and operating scenario of an Indoor Multi Sports & Fitness Complex, providing its user with various services. The model assumes that the Complex includes Basketball and Volleyball courts (that can also accommodate many other sports), a fully-equipped Fitness & Lifestyle Center, a Food & Beverage/Lounge Area, a Massage Therapy Clinic, a Childcare Center, a Gift Shop and other amenities such as offices, a conference room and full-service locker rooms. The Complex will also organize several Sports Tournaments each year. During the tournaments, part of the courts space will be converted to an arena with a 4.000 seat capacity.

Complex revenue is generated through Annual Memberships from Local visitors, Entrance Fees from daily (walk-in) local visitors, Court Rentals, Personal Services (Massage & Personal Training), Tournament Participation Fees per Player and Ancillary Revenue (Cafeteria, Gift Shop and Childcare Services). The model also includes assumptions about Complex Development & Construction Costs, Direct Costs (Payroll, Tournament, F&B, Gift Shop costs), Operating Expenses (Indirect Payroll, Marketing, Utilities, etc.), Capital Expenditures and Depreciation, Financing through Debt, Equity & Donations, Investors Contributions and Returns and Exit and Valuation Multiples in case of a potential future sale of the business.

The model is dynamic and allows users to select the desired forecasted Years (1 to 10). Output Reports & Charts are dynamically updated based on the selected forecast period. The template structure follows Financial Modeling Best Practices principles and is fully customizable. Detailed instructions for the functionality of the model are included in the Excel file.

Model Structure:
Setup & Input Reports:
• General Business Info & Reporting Metrics
• Complex Development & Construction Assumptions (Land Purchase, Soft & Hard Costs, Contingencies, etc.)
• Visitors Assumptions (Targeted Local Visitors, Market Penetration %, Outside Visitors, Etc.)
• Revenue Assumptions (Total Courts, Memberships and Entrance Fees, Court Rentals, Sports, Tournaments, Personal Services, Ancillary Revenue)
• Direct Costs, Operating Expenses, Capital Expenditures and Depreciation
• Uses and Sources of Cash, Financing Assumptions through Equity, Grants & Donations, and Debt.
• Investors Equity Contribution Assumptions (GP & LP)
• Business Valuation Assumptions: Exit Year, EV/EBITDA Multiple, WACC
• Forecast Scenarios

Output Reports:
• Dynamic Financial Forecast (3-Statement Model) incl. supporting schedules for Working Capital, PP&E, Debt & Debt Service, Reserve Accounts
• Breakeven Analysis per Year
• KPIs and Financial Ratios Report
• Performance Dashboard including key project’s figures per Year and dynamic Charts & Graphs
• Business Valuation (incl. Enterprise & Equity Value, DCF, Terminal Value, Unlevered & Levered Cash Flow, Project Return Metrics & Sensitivity Analysis)
• Partnership Returns (4-tier IRR hurdle waterfall model to distribute proceeds between private partners)
• Project’s Executive Summary

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Presents a development and operating scenario of an Indoor Multi Sports Complex.

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