Originally published: 28/03/2018 15:08
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How to Brand Yourself/Business, Define Your Values and Standout in Your Market

This video shares how to stand out in the marketplace and make people remember you through branding.

How do you ensure that people remember you and more importantly, remember your name when they're trying to solve the problem that you solve in your business. Branding is really about creating a mental movie around the problem that the customer has and thinking of you. So whatever challenge they have in their life, when they encounter that, they think of your company. This video talks about how to extract that.

Dan has spent 17 years building companies, and he has a lot of experience working with brand managers, positioning experts, and the best marketers, and so from this, he has really learnt the answer to "what makes a great brand?"

Dan uses this video to impart some of this knowledge and wisdom to help you figure out how you can stand out in the marketplace using branding. He takes you through his framework step-by-step using simple language.

Length: 5 minutes 30 seconds

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