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How to Implement Design Thinking into Your Organization Through Empathy-Based Prototyping

This video will show you in 3 steps how you can use Empathy Based Prototyping to improve how your team works.

Design Thinking sometimes has the aura of black magic. In fact, at it's core, it's something every toddler does: building things. Prototyping. And the best prototyping? Empathy-Based Prototyping. Your company's products are at the bottom of a long, large funnel. Somebody, probably your founder, filled the top of the funnel with a deep, personal understanding of your users. That understanding was translated into a set of potential insights: non-obvious truths about your users. Some of those potential insights were validated via prototypes. Finally, some prototypes were made into products. This is empathy-based prototyping.

Watch this video to find out how, in 3 steps, you and your team can use empathy-based prototyping to improve your business and maximise potential.

Length: 3 minutes 8 seconds

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