Real Estate Condominium Waterfall Excel Model
Originally published: 26/05/2018 08:08
Last version published: 26/12/2018 10:30
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Real Estate Condominium Waterfall Excel Model

Financial Model of a Condominium (Real Estate)

Are you a real estate developer/ investment management company, looking to plan a condominium, either as a green field project or renovate the existing one, then this financial model will help you analyze the financial feasibility of your proposed project

If you are a real estate consultant, modelling the condominium model, then this is for you as well, as it will save your time building from scratch.

The model is covering the following aspects:


a. Acquisition Stage
b. Pre Development Stage
c. Development Stage
d. Selling Stage

Area Summary:
a. Lot Area
b. Buildable SF
c. Common Area

Building Summary:
a. 1 Bed
b. 2 Bed
c. 3 Bed
d. Avg Unit Sale Price

Financing Assumptions:
a. Total Project Cost
b. Equity
c. Debt
4. Interest Rate

Costing Assumptions:
a. Hard Cost
b. Soft Cost
c. Contingency Cost

Other Aspects:
a. Revenue Schedule
b. Equity Waterfall Cash Flow
c. Preferred Return and Return of Capital

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase the tool and provide your feedback

If you are looking for a customized models, then message me


This Real Estate Excel model has following tabs:

1. Inputs
2. Monthly Sales Schedule for 3 Years
3. Bifurcation of budgeted Hard Cost and Soft Cost
4. Monthly Cash Flow
5. Annual Cash Flow
6. Waterfall

- Yash M

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