Financial Modeling of Major Maintenance Reserve Account with Manual and Excel Template
Originally published: 01/09/2021 13:15
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Financial Modeling of Major Maintenance Reserve Account with Manual and Excel Template

Financial Modeling of Major Maintenance Reserve Account

In this manual and Excel based project finance model, I aim to show you how to model the major maintenance expenses and reserve account into a project finance model.

The manual covers:

✅What is Major Maintenance cost?
✅ What is a Major Maintenance reserve account?
✅ Questions you need to ask about MMRA?
✅ I will take you through an example on how to model it

The accompanied Excel based project finance model contains 33 worksheets, 14 worksheets are representing modules of a horizontal model and the remaining worksheets showing same calculations and results but in a vertical design layout (Table format).

The calculation for major maintenance reserve account are in the worksheets labeled :
MMRAh ---> Major Maintenance Reserve Account horizontal
MMRAv ---> Major Maintenance Reserve Account vertical

You can use the template and manual to get hints on how to incorporate MMRA into your own project finance models. You can also use for teaching purpose to learn what MMRA is, why it is needed and how to model it.

If you want to learn more about project finance spreadsheet design and mainly vertical spreadsheet design, check my template an manual from teh below link:

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF manual and 1 Excel template

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