Logistics  - Warehousing Park Property Development - 20 year Three Statement Model
Originally published: 01/06/2022 09:26
Publication number: ELQ-86829-1
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Logistics - Warehousing Park Property Development - 20 year Three Statement Model

This is a 20 year Three Statement Model for Warehouse Park Development and Lease

This Model is a 20 year three statement analysis and valuation for Logistical Warehousing Property Development. We have incorporated CGT in the Model to provide the most realistic Financial Statements and Valuations throughout the life cycle. The Input fields are basic and all the statements and dashboard are automated. Together with this Financial Model, we have incorporated a Business Plan Template for your convenience, and auto import certain Financial Data into the Plan so as to save time. Our Valuation Formula is NPV, IRR and MIRR, All Loan Amortization tables are included. All Input Fields are relevant to producing realistic models however they are limited. The main focus is the timing of cash outflows during the development phase and the timing of when the single or multiple warehouses become income-generating. There are escalation prediction input fields for Income escalation as well as cost escalations. The price per M2 or FT2 will automatically be carried to all cash flows, income statements and balance sheets. Our valuations consider the cash outflows of CGT when the property owner decides to exit the investment. This model however is not for the running of a logistics business, but merely for the development and ownership of warehousing which may be let to Logistical companies or directly to companies who handle their own logistics. we have a separate model for the Business of Logistics. The model is easily adaptable with all formulas neatly on the sheets and next to the sheets. You are able to expand the model to many smaller units than what is currently available (20) or use the model as a single large Warehouse whereby you allocate certain space to a certain clientele.

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Further information

The objective of this model is to analyse the feasibility of a warehouse or warehouse park development

Property development for lease purposes

This is not a logistics business model. we have a seperate model for logistical businesses

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