Booking Schedule Spreadsheet
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Booking Schedule Spreadsheet

It is a spreadsheet that shows you which days your property is booked or free to rent, after entering the booking dates.

If you rent your property, then this excel worksheet is designed to help you track your rental days during the weeks and months.


This spreadsheet can be used as a Rental Property Tracking Spreadsheet, Booking Schedule, Rental property management or as a Rental Property Organizer.

It is a spreadsheet with 12 months. You enter the Booking dates of your Property and automatically formats the booking days so you will see which days your Property are booked or are free to rent.


You have the option to enter in a separate worksheet the dates with Events, Holidays or Notes.

The spreadsheet shows up to five rental properties with up to five customers per property.
The worksheets shows the weekends with yellow shaded area and the Events, Holidays or Notes with pink shaded area. See examples at the screenshots.

You only enter the Booking dates and the daily rate for each of your customers and everything else, is automatically calculated!

Also, this worksheet includes the following Reports:
1) Summary Results which are automatically calculated. Days Occupied. Occupancy %, Accommodation Revenue and Average Rate.
2) Template for your Cash flow Statement so that you can track your inflows and outflows You will know how much you received for each of your rentals and how much expenses you paid for them.
(see example screenshots).
3) Profit & Loss account showing the Profit or Loss for each of your properties

All of the above reports are on a monthly basis. ( see example screenshots)

This spreadsheet comes with formulas protected, to prevent someone from deleting or writing over the formulas, which could cause the template to not work properly.

Take your time and have fun learning how the different inputs affect your Booking Schedule at any given period of time.

Includes one zip file with:
Monthly Booking Schedule.xlsm and
Monthly Booking Schedule Manual.pdf

Short Video presentation:

This Best Practice includes
Rental Property Tracking Spreadsheet with Tutorial Video

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Further information

Objectives of this Downloadable Best Practice are:
You will know:
1) Which of your rental property is booked
2) Which days of the week or month of your rental property are booked or are free to book
3) You will have a clear picture which days of your rental property are booked or are free to book
4) How many days each of your rental property is booked
5) How much money you will receive for each of your rental properties
6) How much is the occupancy for each of your rental properties and the total of your rentals.
7) You will have a report on a monthly and annual basis the days for each of your rental property are booked, how much revenue you received
8) You will have a Cash flow Statement report of your receipts and payments for each of your rental property.
9) You will have a Profit & Loss report so you will know the profit or loss for each of your property.

This Downloadable Best Practice applies best for those who rent their properties and they want to know which days of the weeks or which days of the months are booked or free to rent.

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