Business Idea Generation for Management Consultants & Managers
Originally published: 16/09/2020 16:35
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Business Idea Generation for Management Consultants & Managers

In this presentation, I will show you how you can generate business ideas that will help you build a business.

To build a business you need a good idea that you can explore and develop. Unfortunately, coming up with a good business idea is not easy. Most firms and universities don’t show how to come up with business ideas. They concentrate on teaching you how to run existing businesses. Luckily, there are a lot of proven methods to find interesting business ideas. If you are a Management Consultant you can use them during consulting projects to help your customers grow their business. If you are a manager or startup founder they will prove priceless in your quest to discover new business opportunities. In this presentation, I will show you different methods to come up with killer business ideas. In the course you will learn the following things:
1. How to come up with business ideas by improving existing products, solving existing problems
2. When specific methods of business idea generation can be applied
3. How specific business method should be applied
4. How to find ways to 10x existing solutions
5. How to innovate your product and your business model
6. How to build an add-on business using your current business
You will learn when and how you can apply a specific method. There will be also a lot of examples for every method.

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