Play & Analyze Cricket in Excel
Originally published: 19/05/2020 09:18
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Play & Analyze Cricket in Excel

Play-Cricket in Excel and Analyse team performance.

This is an Excel file where you can feed the score and analyse the team performance through various visuals and graphs. It is a very dynamic file. You have to choose a team, players and feed the score. Other analysis automatically populated. One can use this file to play gully cricket. There are two files one is for template mode and other is Reset mode. Template mode file is for analysing the graphs. I have already fed the score in it. Reset mode file you can play with it.
Steps to Play:
1. Open the file and enable macros on.
2. Read the rules of playing
3. In Basic info. sheet select your team, opponent and outcome of the toss.
4. Feed the score in the 1st Innings Scoreboard Sheet full 10 overs
5. Analyse the innings performance in 1st Innings Dashboard.
6. Fill the scores in 2nd Innings Scoreboard
7. Analyse the innings performance in 2nd Innings Dashboard.
8. Now check the Summary Sheet where you can find the match summary and Result of the match with the automated result of the Man of the Match.

You can only play for 10 overs. But you gonna enjoy it.

This Best Practice includes
File with Macros Enable contains sheets named Rules, Basic Info, Innings, Dashboard and Summary

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Further information

One can study the model and learn great things how excel can be used to automate the things and present the raw data in the most efficient and decision making way through various visuals and dynamic charts.

Please enable the Macro.

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