Financial Ratios for Startups & SMEs (Excel)

Guide for entrepreneurs and investors to evaluate the financial health of companies

Financial Ratios will be the first steps to check if you want to invest in startups or SMEs.

And as an entrepreneur you should read this financial metrics very careful to get a clear view about the current situation and provide you with scientific tools to face expected risk in the future.
in these days while Covid-19 Pandemic era
financial health of you cash flow enable you to continue and survive but when can you be able to survive ; It depends on your ability to read financial data carefully and convert these data into a pure information.

Financial ratios are quantitative measures that are used to assess businesses. These ratios are used by financial analysts, equity research analysts, investors, and asset managers to evaluate the overall financial health of businesses, with the end goal of making better investment decisions. Corporate finance ratios are also heavily used by financial managers and C-suite officers to get a better understanding of how their businesses are performing.

Ratio analysis is a great way to compare two companies that are different in size operations and management style. It also is a great way to quantify how efficient a company’s operations are and how profitable the business is set up to be. Solvency ratios, for example, can be used to analyze how well a company will be able to meet their financial obligations.

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