Hemp Business - Financial Excel Template
Originally published: 26/08/2019 07:20
Last version published: 26/08/2019 16:41
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Hemp Business - Financial Excel Template

This is a simple template model to create financial projections for hemp business for cultivating activity in the US.

You will be able to know the IRR for your project and to derive the revenues and costs for your project. The time assumptions will help you organizing your revenues and costs streams on a monthly basis. We built the model for a 5-year timeframe with two milestones: 100 acres and 300 acres.

We initially transformed one of our own models and made the necessary adjustments to create this template. Some inputs have been drastically changed to anonymize the model. Please adapt the model with your own inputs.

This template includes 7 sheets (Disclaimer, Cover, User, Guide, Inputs, flag, Output, Summary). This template covers the production mechanism (CBD, extraction), price mechanism (offtake, market value), detailed table for capital expenditures, Operative expenses, Financial and tax items.
We kept the model very simple and easy-to-use and we included a small user guide within the model to guide you but if you have any questions or suggestions please contact us in the comments section or on our Author Channel here: https://www.eloquens.com/channel/160023066

This is our first published model on this website and we hope you like it. We will update it based on your comments and expectations.

This Best Practice includes
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Further information

Make IRR calculations
Create financial projection for the farming activity of hemp project(s)

The model was designed for hemp business in the US for hemp farming

This tool is very specific (hemp farming activity within the US). We built this model to be easy and flexible but if you require more sophisticated and/or personalized hemp model. Please contact us, we will provide you a quote and create the financial model you require.

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