Originally published: 24/06/2019 15:06
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Eloquens User Case Study

Learn about the successful transaction between user Ron Sheridan and author Taylor Davidson, enabled by Eloquens.com

Welcome back to Eloquens.com, the platform for the sharing of know-how.

With a wealth of templates, models, methods, and tutorials, Eloquens centralises resources on fields ranging from Finance to Human Resources. Yet it is the community of authors, their relationships with our users, and the stories that arise which make the site unique.

Today we will be looking at a successful use-case between Eloquens author Taylor Davidson and Eloquens user Ron Sheridan. Here is their story:

For a few years now, former Venture Capitalist and founder of Foresight, Davidson has had an Eloquens author channel, enabling him to share his models and help to prevent hundreds of entrepreneurs from reinventing the wheel, when it comes to Start-up Finance.

Startup Entrepreneur Ron Sheridan is just one of many that has benefitted from Davidson's models. Via Google search, and in urgent need of a Cap Table, Sheridan found Eloquens.com and was able to immediately download and utilize Davidson's tool in order to help his startup's search for investment.

Keen to learn from his expertise in the field, Sheridan also reached out and went on to receive consulting from Davidson, showing his appreciation with a 5 star review saying he "found and achieved exactly what I needed...and gain[ed] deeper insight into the subject..."

For the rest of the script, please watch the video.

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