An Introduction to the New Calculus
Originally published: 18/03/2019 16:38
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An Introduction to the New Calculus

The New Calculus is the first and only rigorous formulation of calculus in human history.

The New Calculus is the greatest feat of human intellectual accomplishment. It is the first and only rigorous formulation of calculus in human history. Not worth one, but ten Abel prizes, given that no one before me was able to realise it. You can be certain that if the Church Of Academia (mainstream academia) has its way, I shall never receive any prizes, never mind one Abel prize. Mainstream academics hate me passionately and are pathologically jealous of my work. They have persecuted me in many ways: on five occasions they have shut down my previous sites through libel (falsely claiming I am an anti-semite) reports and lies and through actual death threats. They have tried to shut down my YouTube channel and have set up countless web sites libeling and defaming my character, whilst at the same time casting doubt on my brilliant work through lies and misrepresentation on many forums.

So what is the New Calculus in one paragraph? The New Calculus is formulated using analytic geometry. No unsound concepts such as infinity, infinitesimals or limits are used. The New Calculus can be learned and mastered by a high school student, without years of useless university courses. But it is much more than just a reformulation - there are new theorems and features not possible using the flawed mainstream calculus. The first you will encounter is the Auxiliary equation. The New Calculus makes sense in every respect. This cannot be said of Newton's bogus calculus whose results are generally true, but the formulation thereof ill formed. Neither Newton nor Leibniz nor anyone who came after them understood calculus as well as I do. In fact, no one in the history of humans has understood calculus as well as I. This may sound cranky but you'll agree once you learn the New Calculus.

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