Sales Manager Comparison Tool (DEMO)
Originally published: 16/07/2019 13:20
Last version published: 16/11/2019 21:39
Publication number: ELQ-65008-8
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Sales Manager Comparison Tool (DEMO)

Model for Sales Manager to use in evaluating success of sales regions & staff

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● Optimize Excel's storage, formula, form, & output tools
● Separate tabs for data & logic
● Select a Name to repopulate graphs

This model contains the following elements:
● Demonstrates integration of Data, Interface, and Output
● Data and Logic stored on different tabs, facilitating ease of scaling a dataset, modifying the interface, or adding graphs/visuals
● Dropdown control selects Salesperson, whose Annual Sales then repopulate the graphs with 2 years of results next to the overall Average

A good model for a nonexpert Excel user who wants to see visualizations of sales success in the various regions/stores/staff reporting to them. Rapid selection through the Sales Staff illustrates their varying degrees of success.

As with all models at ExcelModels, this workbook contains separate tabs for data and for the front-end template, and color-coding to indicate clearly which cell(s) the user is able to change. All other cells are locked for calculation, labeling, or other use. This focuses the user on the Key Assumptions they have control over, and prompts an accurate forecast.

We also provide model customization and build-out on an hourly or project basis. Please contact us for more information. Thanks.

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