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An Introduction to VBA Course

This course will help you understand the fundamentals of VBA so you can program all by yourself.

Excel automation is an vital skill set for users who want to take their knowledge to the level where they can make bespoke applications. You will create a variety of VBA macros learning how to best automate repetitive tasks, create customised forms and programme solutions in Excel.

Having completed this course you should be able to:

Know the Excel VBA object model
Create procedures from scratch in VBA
Generate and use variables
Referencing ranges worksheets and objects (the right way)
Write flexible VBA code to manipulate datasets in any way
Using the locals window to monitor your procedures
Use a range of common VBA programming techniques
Generate event change procedures that run automatically

The course starts with the basics and builds understanding gradually from recording macros to customising the code to create your own bespoke procedures. There is a great many tips and tricks to simplify your coding so it is efficient and effective as possible.

This Excel training course is suitable for those who work on Excel and who want to become familiar with and master Visual Basic for Applications. This course will give you the foundations and structure in your coding journey to become a weapons grade master with practice and time.

This Best Practice includes
4 Videos (5 Hours) + 4 Supporting Excel Files

Acquire business license for $150.00

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