The SIMAC (Situation Idea Mechanism Advantages Conclusion) Method
Originally published: 25/11/2016 14:08
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The SIMAC (Situation Idea Mechanism Advantages Conclusion) Method

SIMAC - How to pitch successfully? A universal Strategy Consulting pitch method to win your audience over

SIMAC is a pitching method that has proven very successful in commercial and business contexts.

The method originates from Procter and Gamble’s “persuasive selling format”.

The method helps you create a pitch that contains five successive steps:
- Summarize your Situation;
- State your Idea;
- Explain the Mechanism of your idea, how it works;
- List the Advantages of your idea, its key benefits;
- Conclude your pitch and define clear next steps.

The method is universal and works in many situations : advertising, investors pitch, business presentations and even personal life.

- WMI Consulting

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