• Modeling A Debt Schedule
  • Modeling A Debt Schedule
  • Modeling A Debt Schedule
Originally published: 22/03/2018 13:26
Publication number: ELQ-59214-1
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Modeling A Debt Schedule

A lesson on modelling a debt schedule in a financial model.

The debt schedule can be confusing for a lot of people because it is the one that is not very linear compared to the cash flow statement or the balance sheet etc. This is a little bit different, it's a little bit suggestive and changes depending on the type of model that you are doing.

The main purpose of the debt schedule is to manage the debts outstanding. It also helps manage and track how much cash you have, free cash that is available to pay out the debt and how you can pay that down in a certain order. So a lot of times companies might want to manage themselves in such a way where if they have a cash surplice, you should start paying down your debt. Well, how do we in an automated and clean way, use that cash to pay down that debt with the highest interest bearing loans first - there is a formula for that!

This informative video by Paul Pignataro will guide you through the debt schedule process, and will show you how to create a debt schedule in a financial model.

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