Private Equity Fund/ Venture Capital Financial Model
Originally published: 06/11/2017 15:41
Last version published: 06/11/2017 15:44
Publication number: ELQ-86036-2
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Private Equity Fund/ Venture Capital Financial Model

Financial Model illustrating the basic economics of a VC or Private Equity Fund.

A key set of variables are provided that are able to be changed in order to test results' sensitivity under various assumptions. It's important that on the 2nd worksheet you look carefully at the assumptions. The model doesn't illustrate a given single fund.

It is intended to be an image of what- based on the selected assumptions- would occur. There is no guarantee that the spreadsheet is 100% correct due to it's complexity.If you select certain permutations, the results may not be completely accurate.

It is a model that is reliant on various assumptions, and includes a 'linear model' for distributions and contributions. The modeled performance will probably be quite different to that of the actual fund. These differences will have an impact on the timing and amounts of distributions to fund partners. Therefore, actual results will probably differ, and may not be as favorable than the results that have been given by any one set of assumptions.

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